C2C2011 Day 51 High Springs to Palatka, FL

It is May Day and our last long day on the bikes. Today we have real Florida weather again, mid 90s temperature and humidity. Strange that our first day in Florida was so cool and now it feels pretty hot.

I am ready for the tour to end and get home. It has been a great experience and I’ve have made great friends but I am missing Jeanne and my New Hampshire home.




The day starts by saying goodbye to Camp Kaluka … A pretty camp but no drinking.


Lunch at Burger Barn. Just after this the road is very busy and blocked, a car hit a young bicyclist near the McDonalds, we are reminded that Florida has a lot of cycling accidents very dramatically. I hope the cyclist is OK and so glad it wasn’t one of our riders.







We are spending the night in the Palatka National Guard Armory. It is air conditioned and we are glad to have it. We have been so lucky with weather on this trip. Bad weather has been around us but we seem to have escaped all the way.

I feel very quiet and down now that the adventure is basically over. My body has been living a very quiet and small life, very soon back to the world and the withdrawal that comes when you stop riding 65 to 80 miles 6 days a week.

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