C2C2011 Day 49 & 50 Madison to High Springs, FL

RO and I start the day late, we got in late last night and didn’t sleep well. Breakfast is at the “A” House and we need to ride over there. It is a surprisingly cold morning, 46 after so many 75 degree mornings.

RO’s front tire is flat so we are even later and decide to grab breakfast on the road. We stop at Burger King just a few miles away.



The day is cool but beautiful, clear blue sky and crystal clear air with almost no wind or a slight tail wind, perfect cycling weather. Plus the road is smooth and has a shoulder, what more could we want.



The first stop is at Live Oak, FL for the “World’s Best Bread Pudding” at the Gypsy Grill.




Just down the road we leave US 90. We have been following this road since California.






We are now on quiet back roads and fly along, this is beautiful cycling. The 78 miles just fly by.



This has been the best cycling day of the trip.

About a half mike from camp we stop at a seedy local bar for a few beers, no more drinking for next 2 days at 7th Day Adventist Camp.

At the camp we are sagged the 1 1/2 miles to the cabins because the road is sandy.






That night DHB cooks burgers and franks.


Rest day Krash cooks French Toast for breakfast. Then we go into High Springs to explore the town. Most of the day is sent napping.

4 responses to “C2C2011 Day 49 & 50 Madison to High Springs, FL

  1. Joe,
    I can hear the weariness in your voice. Last gasp, manana.
    Excellently done! I am very proud for you.
    ~Zona Bob

  2. Hi Roland — great blog on your trip! Pictures are excellent — taken with your iphone? Say, we passed through Madison on our way to Tallahassee to visit FSU with my son a couple weeks ago! Nice country down there. Congrats on your trip — and hope to see you at Mass Bike Pike trip in August!

    • Thanks Mark .. most of the photos were taken with a Canon SD1100 to save iPhone Battery life. The Facebook posting were often from iPhone however.

      Looking forward to riding with you and Jeff again this year. I’ll bring my Surly Chicken to keep Mr. Bill in line.

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