C2C2011 Day 47 Marianna to Tallahassee, FL

The weather forecast is very threatening today, sustained 40 MPH winds from the south. I am concerned about staying in the narrow shoulders of US 90 in a wind like that. I leave very early, 7 AM before breakfast and hammer the 58 miles not stoping at sags. With the time change to Eastern Time, I get in around noon and have lunch at nearby Subway. Not many pictures today .









The day is filled with more and steeper climbs than anyone would expect in Florida plus many river crossings.

At camp after the ride, Texas Ted is the only who can just sit out in the sun when the temperature is in the 90s.

A new rider joins us today. Diane rode the tour last year and is here for the last few days with her Full Size Poodle.

One response to “C2C2011 Day 47 Marianna to Tallahassee, FL

  1. Joe,
    Any word on your actual arrival location in St. Augustine? (is there a ‘finish line’ as it were?). Has Bubba made a media contact to cover the completion of your ride?
    5 days to go, including today! I know you must be anxious. Have thoroughly enjoyed the blog and the wonderful pic’s! Good to know you’re surviving and enjoying it.

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