C2C20011 Day 46 DeFuniak Springs to Marianna, FL

I learned at breakfast that we are now in LA, lower Alabama not Florida per the locals. Day started with rain and a flat tire, my 9th. Rain stopped quickly and Krash fixed my time in no time. This mooring I got to see the 3 bears leave usually they are gone before I get up but Mike had a flat.


DeFuniak Springs is a cute old town on a lake, one of the original Chataqua towns.





Nice to be riding with a shoulder in fairly flat area. The weather is hot and humid but we do have the cooling head wind RO is asking for.



Lunch is at 40 mile point Bear Bar-B-Que, I go for the Blossom salad. It must have a pound of bacon on it.





Our campground is pretty and on a bayou. It is hot and the gnats have just come out. They are swarming us and driving everyone crazy. I fall asleep before supper in a chair and wake up with my nose and throat full of gnats … Yuk. The next day during the ride I am still spitting them out. No more need for the sleeping bag, it is in the mid 70s at night. The frogs are really active but don’t bother my sleep.

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