C2C2011 Day 45 Milton to DeFuniak Springs, FL

Short day today, 58 miles. It is a beautiful day, clear sunny, mid 80 and the road is smooth with a shoulder … Great riding day. We are out of the bustle of the shore and in country again, just mild traffic. We have a gift today, during the morning our side of the road is shaded from the sun by the tall trees along the side of the road. This feels more like Georgia than Florida.





The riding is pleasant and easy today but because the mileage is short we seem to ride with less purpose than normal. Only 7 more riding days including today, we are starting to feel that it is time for the trip to be over and go home.

The blue bunny rides inverted today, it’s not Easter. Along the way Lora sees a carved tree that no one noticed last year.






We stop for lunch at a quaint Bar-B-Que. Today Super Steve has to be last. He waits us out at every stop. Electric Dave tells me he had leg cramps every night during last years ride.



We arrive at camp around 3 PM and I go the pool instead of the showers. It feels very cool and refreshing in the pool.



Dinner is Grouper and Key Lime pie at Lily’s. The biscuits and pie are good, the pie is very tart. I can’t touch the Grouper and the creamed broccoli … They seem strange to a New Englander.

I catch up on my postings and fall right to sleep at midnight, tomorrow I’ll be up again at 5 AM and finish them. Upload speeds are very slow.

One response to “C2C2011 Day 45 Milton to DeFuniak Springs, FL

  1. Good morning my brother,
    I am still amazed at your stamina. What a sight that will be, your coast-to-coast group arriving in St. Augustine!! I love you, my brother. Be safe! I see storms in your traveling area.
    Love you, Ann

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