Day 1 Coast to Coast Ride San Diego to Alpine

The Adventure begins with Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers from San Diego, March 12 …. 52 days from Dan Diego to St. Augustine with a day off every week, averaging 65 miles per day




Short in miles but long on climbing, 12 mile and 6 mile climbs, 6% grade … beautiful green mountains, warm day but cool night coming up.

So much green after a month in Tucson. So green it hurts my eyes.

Start of 12 mile climb to Alpine.

My home for the next 6 weeks.

Mah-Tay-Ah Campground
First time I’ve stayed on an Indian Reservation

Trying a new sleep aid. Eventually just went back to gatorade bottle.

Crew Bubba, at this point I can’t remember names but all will be friends soon.

Harry does first of the nightly readings from the Book of Bubba.

Gathering for ride to dinner at Casino.

Bus to Casino. That’s RO in yellow cap, RO will become a life long friend on this ride and the other half of RoRo.

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