Replacing Hooks on Ortlieb Panniers

QL-2 Top Hooks with Inserts

Everyone says it doesn’t happen but 14 minutes into my first tour with new Ortlieb Panniers  I broke the upper mounting  hook on the left front pannier.

Broken QL-2 Top Hook (Left - missing tab)

The great news is that it is amazingly easy to fix a broken hook if you have the repair kit. However, it is so simple the instructions that come with the repair kit gave me no clue how to do it.  Just in case someone else has the same problem and doesn’t have Wayne at theTouringStore to call, I thought I’d add this simple post.

Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus Back View - Hook on Rail

It is all about the slot in the middle of the rail.

To remove the broken hook just lift up the locking tabs on each hook, they are connected by the handle. Slide the hook to the center slot and off it comes.

To mount the replacement hook set just release the tab on each hook in the set. Place the hook in the slot and slide it to correct position on the rail. Then lock the tabs down. Don’t forget to assemble the correct size insets for your rack into the hooks before mounting  the pannier on your rack.

A very neat and simple no tools repair. I plan to carry a spare hook set with me from now on.

Replacement parts are available at Ortlieb web site. There is also a fabric patch kit available at that site. Wayne also has these parts at thetouringstore.

Just be sure which mounting system your panniers use QL-1 or QL-2 before your order parts. If you aren’t sure, check out Ortlieb QL1 & QL2 Systems.

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