Hello world!

Welcome to FOBB … most posts will be about bicycle touring. The emphasis will be on finding things that work for Touring Bicycle Riders. I will occasionally share information on rides in New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

Please feel free to disagree or add to my comments. I am always happy to steal your good ideas and publish them with your name. Many of my best ideas have been stolen.

I have no commercial ties but many prejudices.  I love gear that is better than it has to be, especially if I got it at a great price. I have used The North Face Tents and Patagonia Gear on most of my tours. They both make excellent gear and I live near their outlet stores. Buying a Patagonia R1 for $15 is a great joy.

I also have no tolerance for expensive gear that doesn’t stand up while touring. Lots of expensive bicycle gear is very specialized and well made but doesn’t work for touring. I’ll share my experiences and ask that you also share yours. For example, I’ll explain why I never tour with Shimano XTR parts on my bike.

I have toured in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, both Washingtons, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Vermont, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Corsica, Sardinia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. So when I brag about how good summer bicycle touring is New Hampshire, Maine, and Quebec it is chauvinistic but with some basis for comparison.

I have been blogging about Self Contained Recumbent Touring since 1996 on eBent; FOBB is a return to my Diamond Frame Roots.

I will warn you up front that I suffer from EE Syndrome. Like most Electrical Engineers, I can neither spell nor type. Pointing out my “eroors” is appreciated and makes me look better later.

Let’s all “Enjoy the Ride”

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